On September 6th, 1999, n the shadow of Mount Saint Helens, hunters found tracks and heard vocalizations of the Bigfoot. The trusty Washington hunters were off the national park trails, and they had been following Big Creek. The location of this reporting is marked by a red pushpin on the map. Equipped with merely bow and arrow the hunters retreated and reported their findings to the authorities. If we assume a reasonable habitat range of 10 miles, we can construct a possible area where the Bigfoot may reside. This area is denoted by the dotted line that created a circle with a 20 mile diameter. The green areas on the map, are the areas in the national forest that don’t have any trails through them. It would stand to reason that the Bigfoot, a creature with known intelligence, would hide in one of these places without trails. The most important of these areas are the one’s inside the range of the Bigfoot. These two places should be extensively search for a lair. It must be noted as well, the top of the range does intersect with that larger green area. If the lair was inside that Northern area then it would suggest that the Bigfoot has a much larger range then we had feared…

For this assignment I had to sift through all the various Bigfoot reports to find the one that was closest to my birthday. September 6th is just five days past my actual birthday so it was pretty close. Then I created a feature layer of just that one reporting. For this I used a model, but not the one shown above. Next, I created a quick 10 mile buffer layer to act as the range for the Bigfoot. I found a layer of the areas in the National Forest without trails, so that seemed like the logical connection to my Bigfoot report. To find the overlapping spaces, I used the above model to accomplish this. I named this overlapping layer as “possible lairs.”

I gave each sighting a 25 mile buffer to account for the range of the Bigfoot. As a large mammal, the definitely would have large territories just as creatures like the tiger and orangutan. The reason why I chose Utah was because there is a very clear relation between the national parks and the sightings. The question is “are people only seeing Bigfoot in national parks or does bigfoot only live in national parks?”